Code Review and Mentoring

We provide in-depth mentoring and code review to help keep your applications secure, in-line with best practices, and lower technical debt.

Why Review Code?

Frequently, we see businesses that are working on multiple projects with quick turnarounds and end up cutting corners to meet deadlines. Code review is usually something that gets neglected even though it’s a crucial component to an application’s success.
In other cases, developers will be assigned to work on projects focused on a language or technology that they have little to no experience in, due to a scarcity of talent. Having another set of eyes on your code, from experts in the language, is the best way to ensure that your application will be secure, resilient, and in-line with coding best practices.

How can we help?
Our team actively reviews code, offers development suggestions, guides improvement, and provides in-depth mentoring to your team throughout the process. Meaning, you’re lowering maintenance costs and technical debt while ensuring that your team is moving forward as a knowledgeable and cohesive unit.